"a coalition for the preservation of the Lanterman Act"

The Lanterman Coalition

[A] It is through the IPP procedure that the right the Act grants to each developmentally disabled person and the obligation it imposes on the state are implemented; through it, the developmentally disabled person on an individual basis receives, as an entitlement, services that enable him to live a more independent and productive life in the community. (ARC v DDS).

[B] In fulfillment of fundamental human rights and in securing optimum developmental opportunities, all people, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, are entitled to community living.



The Lanterman Coalition consists of the 19 major stakeholders in California's community based developmental services system.

Membership in the coalition requires a commitment to (1) the Preservation of the Lanterman Act and the entitlement[A], (2) no categorical elimination of services, (3) no enrollment caps or waiting lists, (4) no reductions to services and supports important to people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families and (5) full support of the community imperative[B] and the Olmstead decision.

2015 Coalition Membership

Shirley Dove

Our founding Chair