The Lanterman Coalition

Legislators who have signed the Senator Jim Beall letter as of May 13, 2015 urging a 10% across the board increase for developmental services:

41 Assembly  Members (California has 80 total Assembly members)

  1. Kansen Chu
  2. Susan Bonilla
  3. Jim Frazier
  4. Katcho Achadjian
  5. Das Williams
  6. Catharine Baker
  7. Brian Maienschein
  8. Jacqui Irwin
  9. Luis Alejo
  10. Brian Jones
  11. Mark Stone
  12. Matt Dababneh
  13. Shannon Grove
  14. David Hadley
  15. Marie Waldron
  16. Mike Gatto
  17. Rudy Salas
  18. Jim Wood
  19. Bill Dodd
  20. Kevin Mullin
  21. Ken Cooley
  22. Kristin Olsen
  23. Tom Lackey
  24. Scott Wilk
  25. James Gallagher
  26. Cristiana Garcia
  27. Frank Bigelow
  28. Devon Mathis
  29. Anthony Rendon
  30. Marc Levine
  31. Patty Lopez 
  32. Rocky Chavez
  33. Adrin Nazarian
  34. Susan Eggman
  35. Chris Holden
  36. Mike Gipson
  37. Evan Low
  38. Jim Cooper
  39. Jim Patterson
  40. Ian Calderon
  41. Ed Chau

24 Senators(California has 40 State Senators)

  1. Jim Beall
  2. Carol Liu
  3. Lois Wolk
  4. Cathleen Galgiani
  5. Fran Pavley
  6. Andy Vidak
  7. Jeff Stone
  8. Joel Anderson
  9. Tony Mendoza
  10. Loni Hancock
  11. Jerry Hill
  12. Robert Hertzberg
  13. Marty Block
  14. Patricia Bates
  15. Mike Morrell
  16. Connie Leyva
  17. Bob Huff
  18. Janet Nguyen
  19. Ben Hueso
  20. Isadore Hall
  21. Ben Allen
  22. Mike McGuire
  23. Jean Fuller
  24. Sharon Runner

Urge your legislator to SIGN ON to the 10% increase letter by Senator Jim Beall, Jr.


The Lanterman Coalition Urges the Legislature to Support the Developmental Disabilities Funding Proposal in the Healthcare Funding Reform in Special Session. 

. . .  The Lanterman Coalition has been involved with the Administration in crafting this proposal, and we appreciate all the hard work of the administration to bring us to a point where we can look forward to a serious infusion of funding (nearly an estimated $420 mil total funds) beginning soon to address a variety of serious funding shortfalls.  They worked with all of us to reach a consensus and a reasonable funding package reflecting those priorities. We are on board with its broad and inclusive provisions and believe this package for the Developmental Disabilities service system is worthy of unanimous bipartisan and bicameral approval by all 120 legislators in California. Thank you to the administration and to legislative leadership on both sides and in both houses.   It is time for us to step forward together in support of the 300,000 Californians with developmental disabilities!


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